Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jacques Bertin - For Julos

Original Title: "A Julos"
We went, blinded by the sun of winter
In that tiny cemetary in the middle of winter
With a few white graves lost in the greenness of winter

We were nothing but a punctuation of the immense space
Lost in a movie, weirdly overexposed
that jumps constantly and the scene starts again
And the derisory ritual continues that is set on us

The musicians, the fingers absent, were playing the music of your kingdom
Your kingdom, my poor friend, bracing with all its strength
They were playing as if to say "Farewell, we remained proud"
They were playing, each in its terror creating lines
against the merciless who runs much faster than us.

A horse, who was probably a cousin of the dead woman,
Was looking at us and ate the green grass
Teaching us without letting on, lessons of tenderness

I do not bring back words from this outrun in the blinding sadness
That is the closest from the sun.
Comrade of comrades I came back empty handed
Went through the door made of metal and air where we have that other day hooked our fingers

If you find words it's because you won't be back
And I, I tell you that for the living, yours, mines, all those I love
I'm scared of that beauty there that is coming in the windscreen
The other day it was me who was put into the ground and I was looking at myself become nothing
I say "you have my friendship" it's a call for help

I bleed in that crossroads of hundred thousand road I'm scared
Oh if it's possible for someone to pull me back
Of only a quarter of a second
To soothe the heart

I hear the breath already of the hairy horse
He tells me that I have to be reconciled once for all with the earth
And prepare myself to disperse my consciousness in the earth
Reconcile myself with the earth and its breathing which is the song.

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