Friday, July 19, 2013

Jacques Brel - The Quest

Original Title: "La Quête"
To dream an impossible dream
To bear the grief of the departures
To burn of a possible fever
To leave, no one leaves

To love, until the tear
To love, even too much, even badly
To try, without strength and without armor
To reach the unreachable star

Such is my quest,
Follow the star
No matter my chances
No matter the time
Or my despair
And then struggle always
Without question or rest
Damn oneself
For the gold of a love word
I do not know if I will be that hero
But my heart would be peacefull
and the cities would splash themselves with blue
because a miserable man...

Keeps burning, even having burned everything
Keeps burning, even too much, even badly
To reach, to the point of tearing one self
To reach the unreachable star

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