Monday, October 1, 2012

Jacques Bertin - I disembarked

Original Title: "Je débarquais"
I disembarked from a world where desire makes the man²
I had at the bottom of the heart a love rage
So I built for myself castles in the air*
for an infante and a kiss

The heavy myself which lied in my luggage
Settled forcefully inside your house
and I crossed the sea and I crossed the ford
and here is Spain reached

I had thousand kisses from the wild infante
In a waterless desert I planted an orchard
A river is running nowadays under your lips
The water spring and your rose bushes.

I fought well against the icy night
I impregnated the sand where you were laying
I drove my knife in, I searched your wound
And you were bleeding, I was saved

But here we are tonight, silent, face to face
Here I'm in front of you, far from you, tired
How dry our eyes are, our lips without kisses
Lovers we are, parted

So the charm is broken, the fairy becomes woman again
I was wrong then if you touch the fairy
The enchantment is gone, I find the fairy back
Thick alas and separated

I start off again on your road to meet you again
patiently, lengthily, like you weave a basket
Like the rain revives a forgotten garden
Like the rain I'm coming, I love you

*Castles in Spain in french hence the relation with the infant and Spain later on
²Play on words with the expression "L'habit ne fait pas le moine" (The outfit doesn't make the monk/man)

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