Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Barbara - The girl in love

Original Title: "L'amoureuse"

The one who spread her arms,
The one who loved so hard,
But who didn't know,
That loving again and again
It burns you, it damns you

That one who, the clear eyes,
walked arms spread wide
and who wanted to give everything
and take everything
That one went away
The heart, from love, bursted
The arms exhausted from spreading
and from waiting

Was she innocence, was she madness
Who will ever know, who will ever know?

She played, as a child,
already at catching the wind
In her frail arms
But she held nothing back
The wind it comes, it goes
And it's unfaithful
She discovered the sea
The bitch gave her the green eye
In a dress of foam
She threw herself into it
Her blond hair tangling up
to the reflections of the moon

Then she wanted as well
To steal a piece of night
That she thought, dazzled,
about holding tight against her
But came back the heart in sorrow
Water, it glides from your hands
The night it goes and it comes
And it's unfaithful

Was she innocence, was she madness,
Who will ever know, who will ever know?

We shouted "It's enough
to want yourself torn,
of giving and taking
To want to give your blood,
To burn yourself so and so
You will become ash".
She did not answer anything,
She was hoping when suddenly
We still remember
As winter had arrived
A man appeared to her
Who was walking toward her

She opened him her arms
And the man warmed up to them
Caressed her so much
That she became beautiful from it
It has been, the night and the day,
the time for warm loves,
And the man remained always
He was faithful

Innocence or Madness
Who will ever know, who will ever know?

Then winter disappeared
The birds came back
He said "Listen,
I hear the trees creak
The forest has woken up
I resume my journey"
Then, she stretched her arm out
It was the last time
And her knife thrusted
Inside the unfaithful
Then calm, she lied down
That's how we found her
Dead in the daybreak
of loving too much from love

Was she innocence, was she madness,
She is dead henceforth
Noone will ever know
She died at daybreak
Of loving too much from love...

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