Monday, July 22, 2013

Jacques Bertin - Hélène

The heavy secret of living together
Helene widow remember it
and your big love opened
with fear of impossible
The delicate and bitter love
Like water and wine together
Helene widow in your house
And who will never laugh again

And your long patient song
Your hands on his soul of holly
Your skin burnt on your lips
Your soul at the crossroad of you
The strength that hurted you
He talked about hurt of loving

You were hurting him atrociously
As if he had betrayed for you
Himself sticked his dreams
subdued far from everything

Life is the queen adventure
The so sweet oozing of doubt
Then he shifted on things
his too big madness of loving

You were only one then
Helene with the scent of the lilies
Helene sitting in your house
And who will never love again

Helene who knows everything about the man
And that he cheated on you for lilies

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