Monday, July 1, 2013

Jacques Bertin - That girl

Original Title: "Cette Fille"

That girl who threw a glance at me in St Germain, I've followed her for a long time.
One night I dreamt that I was penetrating in the breasts of a blond under the velvet's vest
She had your face but I was certain she wasn't you
Another time I saw her eyes again laying upon me in a basement.

You thought I was silent but she, the other one, she was calling me
You asked me "Do you love me?" but the question was elsewhere

That belly movement against me of a woman asking for love
Then on the sandbank were remaining objects and scattered gazes
And I need each one like in the plain the lights, the smokes
They are only asking for one thing that you go with them for a short time

In their novel, page after page, offered their shoulder against my shoulder
And I who everytime step back without giving myself

I was coming out from a girl's home, in the street rain was welcoming me
You felt my love that from very far I came back to you
One day I will take you with my power and I'll know the fervour of the gift
It will be this evening and I come back from a trip

You open the door for me, you are in tears. You tell me:
I was expecting you yesterday evening but it has been four years that I'm waiting for you.

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