Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jacques Bertin - When are we going to receive reinforcements?

Original Title: "Quand recevrons-nous des renforts?"

When are we going to receive reinforcements, my soul?
Remind yourself of the sound of the fifes, suddenly so beautiful
When the column emerged from the big shadow of the big trees
The men hugged each other like crazy and threw their hats

Do you believe that the reinforcements will come? You remember the ambush
Where we lost people and saved our flags
A messenger would have passed on a note through the fence
The night of the life is so long and tough to the soul, the coat

Coat of rains grey and heavy and dirty as well, coat of sorrows
Are we going to finally receive a sign through the lines, over there?
A signal, a tiny light from the infinite where love leads
Is there some water remaining, my soul, for the thirst? Don't weaken!

The reinforcements won't come and we were so lonely in the world
That night when suddenly the sound of the fifes and the drums
As we were going to fall back, made the sky vibrate like a wave
You will remember this, my soul, and will hold until daylight

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