Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jacques Bertin - The songs of time gone by

Original Title: "Les Chansons du Temps Passé"
Along the bank, a girl to marry
was going away with her hair streaming in the wind
Pass four riders
The lively, the beauty, your hair are tangled
It's because my lover abandonned me

Pass four boatmen
The younger is light of step
And the princess astonished
was awoken with a kiss

Three wandering entertainers go singing
The songs of the time gone by
Who will give them wine
But the roses are withered

They came down to the garden
The magpie told them "Good morning"
There was no more grapes
They picked up rosemary

On the road to Argentré
Proud she was going to the market
There was a roadmender
He stole a kiss from her

It's my friend Pierre
He is going to be hung in his prison
For having hunted a roe deer
On the baron's lands

To the bal are going the engaged couples
Destined for a long time
But the king's son passed
The girl was light-hearted

To Piedmont I'm going to war
For the cruel forgotten
But the horses have trampled
The memories of my valley

The beauty dropped
her silver ring in the water
Who will be able to find it
will get a kiss

Behind home there is a pound
Three beautiful ducks are there swimming
I hear the wind sing
I get married in spring

We will have many children
And in the evening during the gathering
For the words of the present time
We will sing the verb "to love"

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