Thursday, October 4, 2012

Barbara - My most beautiful love story

Original Title: "Ma plus belle histoire d'amour"

As far as they are coming back to me
the shadow of my old loves
As far of my first date

At the time of my first sorrows
I was barely fifteen years old then
White heart, scratches on the knees

That it was - I was precocious -
tender child's love
or the bites of a mad love

As far as I can remember
If I have said "I love you" since then
My most beautiful love story it's you

It's true I didn't behave
And I turned many pages
Without reading them, white, and then nothing on them

It's true, I didn't behave
And my warriors of passage
hardly seen, already gone

But through their face
it was already your image
It was you already and heart baren

I was doing my luggages again
and pursued my mirage
My most beautiful love story it's you

On the long road, leading to you
On the long road, my heart was crazy
December's wind was freezing in my neck

No matter december if it was for you

How long the road was
but I walked it, the road
The one leading to you

And I'm not perjurer
if this evening I swear to you
that for you I'd have done it on my knees

There had to be many others
than just some bad apostles
than winter or snow in my neck

for me to lose patience
And I calmed my violence
My most beautiful love story it's you

But so many winters and falls
Nights, days and noone
You were never at the rendez-vous

And of you, becoming discouraged
Suddenly the rage grabbed me
My god, how much I needed you

To the hell with you
Others opened me their doors
Happy, I went far away from you

Yes I've been unfaithful to you
And I was coming back to you anyway
My most beautiful love story is you

I've cried tears
but how sweet it was to me, oh so sweet
this first smile from you

For a tear, coming from you
I cried of love
Do you remember?

It was an evening in september,
you came to wait for me
Here exactly, do you remember?

Looking at you smiling
Loving you without saying anything
It's there I suddenly understood

I had finished my journey
And I put my luggages down
You were there at the rendez-vous

No matter what we can say about it
I had to tell you
Tonight I thank you for yourself
My most beautiful love story it's you

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