Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jacques Bertin - The goodness of the weak ones

Original Title: "La Bonté des Faibles"

I would like to be good of the goodness of the weak ones
Of the goodness of the blue small boats,
The unmade beds,
The sheds at the far end of the parks,
The gazebos

To collapse,
To be good and weak completely
Of the goodness of the old cheaters whose heart weakens
Who know they have everything to lose and to win

except that maybe this way someone finally recognizes
In the eyes of the defeated man
The child of the fairies

I would like to be good of the goodness of the letters
Found in the late warmth of the attics
My dear parents. My dear child
Where could he be?

Forgive me would you,
Yesterday I have cried a lot
The man on the yellowed photos I would like to be
Where formerly loved women would regret
To have hurt me and I would forgive
Ingenuously so I would be loved
And through the window

I would hear that the noise of the streets kneels
To make a carpet for everything that has to be born again
And the formerly loved women would approach
I would hear for their steps on the gravel to stop
Waiting for my forgiveness and that would save
The world, that shiver, that moment on the ridge
At the brink of the abyss
I want to be good and ugly

And the wrong that has been done to me
from the goodness of the weaks
To love so that everything comes back to life
Everything comes back to life

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