Monday, October 1, 2012

Léo Ferré - Aragon - I love you so much

Original Title: "Je t'aime tant"
Text: Louis Aragon

My dark love of bitter orange
My song of waterlock and of wind
My piece of shadow
where comes, dreaming,
to die the sea.

My beautiful august month which sky rains
Stars on the calm mounds.
My daydreaming with palm walls
Where the air is blue

My golden arms, my weak wonders
Let my thirst and hunger be revived
Necklace, necklace of the endless evenings
Where the heart stays awake

Do we know what happens
It may well be soon after
That the coat will be thrown
upon my face

Cut my throat and the peonies
Quick bring my wine, my blood
To please her like in passing
Are doing the oats

I have so little time left
To go at the bottom of myself
And to shout: "God, how I love you
I love you so much, I love you so much".

All poems written by Louis Aragon
Hélène Martin's version (more complete & named The Black Song/La Chanson Noire):

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