Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jacques Bertin - Jean-Max Brua - Dawn on the botanic garden

Jacques Bertin's version:

Original Title: "L'aube sur le jardin des plantes"

This day is warm like the wind
On her left cheek the shadow slips
And you're looking for words for her
That are like smooth snakes
Coming thick and fast in memory
The dawn on the botanical garden
And the shock of the trash cans
At the end of the street the men are cold
The naked monkeys shouts things of jungle
To the old blue ass monkey siting in the cement tree

She leans like the day when
She came back to you from London
My sweetheart at the hollow of the eyes
My slow seaweed, my return
She leans over love
Breasts in the shadow of the hair
The first train is starting
at the end of the street the day is grey
And you gamble your fragile love
And you are scared, you might lose her
and you listen to the day creaking

And you want her to call you
And that she keeps on leaning like that forever
My warm belly, my beauty
My shelter, my love
It's an autumn day
And you'd like to live without hate
Burst the stupid radios
and their vomiting old tunes
She gets up, she is cold, it smells the street, the day is grey
You do not do not forget

Original version by Jean-Max Brua:

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