Friday, October 19, 2012

Barbara & Moustaki - The brown haired lady

Original Title: "La Dame Brune"
For a long brown haired lady, I've invented
a song in the moonlight, a few verses
If she ever hears it, she'll know
that it is a love song for her and me

I'm the long brown haired lady that you are waiting for
I'm the long brown haired lady and I hear you
Sing again in the moonlight, I come toward you
your guitar, makeshift organ, guides my steps

Pierrot had lent me his pen that morning
I took the A from my makeshift guitar
I thought myself a poet by writing
the words going through my head like the wind

Pierrot had lent you his pen that night,
On your makeshift guitar you took the A
And I took you for a poet by listening
to the words going through your head like the wind

I dressed the dark haired lady, in my thoughts
with pieces of a veil of mist and of dew
I made her bed against my skin for her to feel at home
Sheltered and warm between my hands

Dressed with a veil of mist and dew
I'm the tall brown haired lady of your thought
Sing again in the moonlight, I come toward you
Through the mounts and dunes, I hear your voice

For a long brown haired lady, I've invented
a song in the moonlight, a few verses
I know she'll hear it one day, who knows maybe tomorrow
so that this love song ends well

Good morning, I'm the brown haired lady, I walked so much
Good morning, I'm the brown haired lady, I found you
Make me a place in the hollow of your bed, I'll be fine
In the warmth and well sheltered against your waist

Serge Reggiani - And then

Original Title: "Et puis"
And then...and I was going to say: already
Childhood is getting distant
like a country that we leave
I only barely see the shore anymore
My love, my love

With you, I get under way then
to somewhere else, to something else
On board of my forties
And I take you away
over there in an image

I love you, you
who will never be a grown up
Don't ever leave me
I love you

And we go to the country
when we would have lead a riotous life
We'll go to the sixties
In that house I love
In Provence
My love, my love

We would have made love and then
other boys well before the old days
And the old nights
If you behave well
You'll receive images

I love you, you
who will never be a grown up
Don't ever leave me
I love you

And then, but it's not tomorrow
The evening will have to come
I'll go on the path
where the bitch is waiting for us
One by one
My love, my love

When I'll be up in the clouds
It's somewhere else, it's yet something else
But without you you know
I'll be alone, there
In the other image

I love you, myself
who will never be a grown up
Don't ever leave me
I love you

Another version:

Barbara - Say, when will you be back

Original Title: "Dis, quand reviendras-tu?"
For how many days, for how many nights
for how long have you been gone again
You told me "this time, it's the last trip
for our torn hearts, it's the last wrecking
In the spring you'll see I'll be back
The spring, it's pretty to talk about love,
We'll go together see the florished gardens
and will stroll in Paris Streets"

Say, when will you be back
Say, do you at least know it
That all the time that passes,
can't be caught up,
That all the time lost
Can't be caught up anymore.

The spring has fled for a long time already,
creak the dead leaves, burn the wood fires,
To see Paris so beautiful at this end of fall,
Suddenly I grow languid, I dream, I shiver,
I reel, I capsize, and like the old refrain,
I go, I come, I veer, I'm turning around, I'm dragging myself,
Your image is haunting me, I'm whispering to you
And I'm lovesick and I'm yearning for you,

Say, when will you be back
Say, do you at least know it
That all the time that passes,
can't be caught up,
That all the time lost
Can't be caught up anymore.

Even though I still love you, even though I always love you,
Even though you are the only one I love, even though I love you of love,
If you do not understand that you must come back
I will make of us both my most beautiful memories
I'll take the road again, the world marvels me
I'll warm myself up at another sun,
I'm not of those girl who dies of sorrow
I do not have the virtue of sailors' wives

Say, but when will you be back
Say, do you at least know it
How all the time that passes,
can't be caught up,
How all the time lost
Can't be caught up anymore.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jacques Brel - Orly

They are more than two thousand
and I only see those two
Rain soldered them,it seems, to one another
They are more than two thousand
and I only see those two
And I know that they are talking
He must tell her "I love you!"
She must tell him "I love you!"
I think they are currently not promising anything to one another.
Those two are too slean to be dishonest
They are more than two thousand
and I only see those two
And suddenly, he cries
He cries hard
All surrounded they are
by sweaty adipose
and hope guzzlers
pointing the nose at them.
But those two torn people
gorgeous from sorrow
abandon to dogs
the achievement to judge them

Life doesn't make gifts
And for God's sake, it's sad
Orly, on a Sunday,
With or Without Bécaud

And now they cry
I mean both of them
Earlier it was him
When I was saying "he"
As embedded as they are
they do not hear anything no more
but the sobs of the other
And then
And then infinitely
Like two bodies that pray
infinitely slowly
Those two bodies part
And as they break up
those two bodies tear each other
And I swear to you that they scream
And then, they pull themselves together
become one again
become the fire again
And then, tear each other again
Hold each other by the eyes
And then, while stepping back
like the sea recedes,
they consummate the farewell
He slobbers a few words
waves a vague hand
And suddenly, he runs
Runs without turning back
And then, he disapears
Eaten up by the stairs.

Life doesn't make gifts
And for God's sake, it's sad
Orly, on a Sunday,
With or Without Bécaud

And then, he disapears,
eaten up by the stairs
And she, she stays there,
Heart stretched to the sides, mouth opened
Without a shout, without a word
She knows her death
She just crossed it
Here, she turns around
and turns around again
Her arms goes down to earth
That's it! She is thousand years old
The door is closed again
Here she is without light
She turns on herself
And already she knows
She'll always turn
She has lost men before
but there, she loses love
Love told her
here comes the uselessness
She'll live on projects
that will only wait
She is fragile again
Before being for sell
I'm here, I follow her
I don't dare anything for her
who the crowd nibbles
like any fruit.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monique Morelli - Aragon - We play the man

Original Title: "On fait l'homme"
We think ourselves free when we only imitate. We play the man
We want in this huge and insipid antics
to read we do not know which pointless adventure
when simply all the ways lead to Rome
When each of our steps is writen beforehand

Look at the young people and what they drag along
The superstition clinging to their steps
like a dead branch and like to the bottom
of a dismasted boat, the song of the siren
against what nothing helps not even compass

Look at those young people. What pushes them
like that toward the sandbanks, the shallows?
They had after all nothing new but the sweet little face
Them who were swaggering earlier. They all go
where the childhood dreams fall apart in the end

God, look at yourselves, small ones, in the mirrors
You have the hair messy and the eye lost
You are ready to do everything: obey, kill, believe
People like you the century has its drawers full of
You are sold up by the bucketful and it's very well sold

You are the odd-job flesh; A sort of
common material, a low-cost brick
With you no need to pull one's punches
You are this food that the crows take away
And your dreams, the wolves make short work of them

All poems written by Louis Aragon

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dominique A - The New Memory

Original Title: "La Mémoire Neuve"
My memory has
has deserted me
Finally, I will
enjoy everything without
regretting anything.
Emancipated the future
from the memory

Inevitably, it didn't last
The memory came back to me but
I had an intuition that it was
not mine that I found again.

As a few memories
overcame me I doubted
that they ever belonged to me
them that were streaming without talking

But as they weighed
less than nothing
And that this memory didn't have
any trace of lucky or bad day
Wonderfully, it'd suit me

I who believed it calm
Right when it clung on to me
shortly I believed
it would be able to spare me
the resentments and the bad wine

And today I'm still staggering
under the blow. It really got me
Of course it revealed me everything since
about the heavy past that fell on me

My real memory
would reapper
It'd laugh loudly at me

The other in any case
tightly stowed
Is the patron of my every steps
And I do not recognize myself
Back curved and eyes lowered
Those eyes that are sweeping the floor
Probably for the first time

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Barbara - My most beautiful love story

Original Title: "Ma plus belle histoire d'amour"

As far as they are coming back to me
the shadow of my old loves
As far of my first date

At the time of my first sorrows
I was barely fifteen years old then
White heart, scratches on the knees

That it was - I was precocious -
tender child's love
or the bites of a mad love

As far as I can remember
If I have said "I love you" since then
My most beautiful love story it's you

It's true I didn't behave
And I turned many pages
Without reading them, white, and then nothing on them

It's true, I didn't behave
And my warriors of passage
hardly seen, already gone

But through their face
it was already your image
It was you already and heart baren

I was doing my luggages again
and pursued my mirage
My most beautiful love story it's you

On the long road, leading to you
On the long road, my heart was crazy
December's wind was freezing in my neck

No matter december if it was for you

How long the road was
but I walked it, the road
The one leading to you

And I'm not perjurer
if this evening I swear to you
that for you I'd have done it on my knees

There had to be many others
than just some bad apostles
than winter or snow in my neck

for me to lose patience
And I calmed my violence
My most beautiful love story it's you

But so many winters and falls
Nights, days and noone
You were never at the rendez-vous

And of you, becoming discouraged
Suddenly the rage grabbed me
My god, how much I needed you

To the hell with you
Others opened me their doors
Happy, I went far away from you

Yes I've been unfaithful to you
And I was coming back to you anyway
My most beautiful love story is you

I've cried tears
but how sweet it was to me, oh so sweet
this first smile from you

For a tear, coming from you
I cried of love
Do you remember?

It was an evening in september,
you came to wait for me
Here exactly, do you remember?

Looking at you smiling
Loving you without saying anything
It's there I suddenly understood

I had finished my journey
And I put my luggages down
You were there at the rendez-vous

No matter what we can say about it
I had to tell you
Tonight I thank you for yourself
My most beautiful love story it's you

Live version:

Jacques Bertin - Jean-Max Brua - Dawn on the botanic garden

Jacques Bertin's version:

Original Title: "L'aube sur le jardin des plantes"

This day is warm like the wind
On her left cheek the shadow slips
And you're looking for words for her
That are like smooth snakes
Coming thick and fast in memory
The dawn on the botanical garden
And the shock of the trash cans
At the end of the street the men are cold
The naked monkeys shouts things of jungle
To the old blue ass monkey siting in the cement tree

She leans like the day when
She came back to you from London
My sweetheart at the hollow of the eyes
My slow seaweed, my return
She leans over love
Breasts in the shadow of the hair
The first train is starting
at the end of the street the day is grey
And you gamble your fragile love
And you are scared, you might lose her
and you listen to the day creaking

And you want her to call you
And that she keeps on leaning like that forever
My warm belly, my beauty
My shelter, my love
It's an autumn day
And you'd like to live without hate
Burst the stupid radios
and their vomiting old tunes
She gets up, she is cold, it smells the street, the day is grey
You do not do not forget

Original version by Jean-Max Brua:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jacques Bertin - Do not talk

Original Title: "Ne parlez pas"
Do not talk about unknown lands
Do not talk about living another life
Do not stand on your feet to see another world
There is this collar with every move, it strangles you
Talk about the pain of this bitter land
Where crows watch over the seed
Teach yourself to live back pinned down
This knife hurting you let it be a train
Accustom your eyes to a powerful hatred
just like the weapons in the attics piled up
Motionless under the smashed in crates

An hatred like a naked woman, cold and superb
An hatred tenacious and blue, a light
A strength, a running water, a train thrown to the south
An hatred attentive and self-assured
A hatred that knows how to listen, hold back and knows how to wait
The hatred be for those who are accomplices to the crows
Those who possess the word and sell it
The frivolous and the show-offs, the entertainers and their songs
Those who put flowers on your chains, those who flatter you

Listen! The night talks, the night beats
Water fishes, fears, tears, reversed flowers
Listen! Your life is here, opened in two, it's groaning softly
Put the neck on the road and hold back your terror
Talk for your friends, sitting in a circle
Talk for those who drive in the night
Talk as if the whole world was here
Gathered under you eyelids like before the hearth
Talk for me, tell me the name of sorrow
That sob that dampens the windows of the cities
Tell me about the endless staircase and the anger
Tell me your name, your first name and who loves you
And that muzzled singing by the garrulous radios
It shines at the bottom of our pockets like a penkife
It seeps on the walls, it turns the cracks blue

The muzzled singing, the song always, the human's song
It talks about us, it gives us weapons
It sharpens the gates, it opens the knives
We hear it it's the noise of the steps in the subway corridors

It's the appalling breath of the dawn in the stations
That song like a sunday at the exit of the churches
The wind in the girl's skirts lifted up
The hatred with love mingled, the revived song
It carries us forward of ourselves, it waits, it exults

It talks to you in your leaning ear
You answer it and your heart beats like a drum
The words go in the carmine vessels of the earth
An arm is resting on your arm that says "Listen !"

Jacques Bertin - Where you are, you are fine.

Original Title: "Où tu es, tu es bien"
Where you are, you are fine
with your happiness in a sling
On your skin the rain slips
And your sex is drenched
You exhibit your chest
Provocative and frozen
In my memory
you're beautiful like a marble

Henceforth I'm dead
I wander in my maze
On the thread of your voice
You are alone, you scare yourself
The night, you go, obscene
but for noone and noone
knows nor takes you
except me in your thoughts
Violent and vague

The time passing by in the mind
where you run away from me, shoots pain in me
And I made of you the object that thinks
which abolishes itself by giving itself
I was prostituting you as a docile Adonis
Oh immense whore
Lost and proud and tense
Betting your sex and your life

Where you are, are you fine?
with your angst in a sling
On your skin, clothes
dress you but you are cold
You do not dare that laugh anymore
which would destroy your belly like a plaster
You mumble in your palace
in your disaster and
jerk off!

Someone made the misfortune enter the happy house
the silence was made, the wells dried up
At the end of the parc, the house gives way under the brambles
The evening, ghosts stand there
tears too.

Where you are, you are fine
In my head, in my agressivity
On your skin, the rain slips
and flatters you with its hands
You move forward in the night
white like a spasm
In my memory where I keep you
You are fine.

Jacques Bertin - Louis Aragon - Now that the youth

Original Title: "Maintenant que la jeunesse"
Text: Louis Aragon
Now that the youth
goes out on the blue windows
Now that the youth
Unconscious, betrayed me

Now that the youth
You remember, remember it
Now that the youth
Sings the spring to others
Now that the youth
Turns away its lilac eyes

Now that the youth
Is not here or there anymore
Now that the youth
On other light paths

Now that the youth
Follows a foreign cloud
Now that the youth
Ran away, generous thief
Leaving me my right of primogeniture
And the silver of my hair.

It's a fine day as to not believe in it
It's a fine day like never
What a weather, what a weather witout memory
One does not know how to see anymore
nor to get up nor to sit down
It's a fine day like never

It's an unnatural weather
Like the sky in paintings
Like the oblivion of tortures
It's a fine day like never

Fresh, like water under the row
A weather strong like a woman
A weather to damn one's soul
It's a fine day like never

A weather to laugh and run
A weather to not die
A weather to fear for the worst
It's a fine day like never

Monique Morelli's version:

Marc Ogeret's version:

Hélène Martin's version:

Les Compagnons de la chanson's version:

All poems written by Louis Aragon

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monique Morelli - Ronsard - I love you

Original Title: "Je vous aime"
If that's what being in love is, Madam, and during the day and during the night,
to dream, to imagine, to think of the means to please you,
to forget all things and not wanting to do anything else,
but to adore and to serve the beauty who harms me:

I love you!
I love you!
I love you!

If that's what being in love is, to follow an happiness that is fleeing me,
to lose myself and to be solitary,
To suffer lots of harm, to fear a lot and to remain quiet,
to weep, cry for mercy and see myself rejected as a result:

I love you!
I love you!
I love you!

If that's what being in love is, to live more in you than in myself,
to hide with a joyful forehead an extreme languor,
to feel deep in the soul an uneven combat,
If that's how it's to love: furious, I love you:

I love you!
I love you!
I love you!

All poems written by Ronsard

Jacques Bertin - Ballad

Original Title: "Ballade"
It's just a detail, a detail
The moon is on top of the pond
I only have a very ordinary life
At the end of everything, nothing waits for me
At the end of everything, nothing waits for me

By turns,
I listen to the night
I listen the wind getting lost
A shouting weathercock
At the end of everything, nothing waits for me
At the end of everything, nothing waits for me

Creaks, chuckles, smokes the night
The time will pass, I have time
Branches to branches, climbs the oblivion
At the end of everything, nothing waits for me
At the end of everything, nothing waits for me

Lonely and cold companion
The moon is on top of the pond
I only have a very ordinary life
At the end of everything, nothing waits for me
At the end of everything, nothing waits for me

Léo Ferré - Aragon - I love you so much

Original Title: "Je t'aime tant"
Text: Louis Aragon

My dark love of bitter orange
My song of waterlock and of wind
My piece of shadow
where comes, dreaming,
to die the sea.

My beautiful august month which sky rains
Stars on the calm mounds.
My daydreaming with palm walls
Where the air is blue

My golden arms, my weak wonders
Let my thirst and hunger be revived
Necklace, necklace of the endless evenings
Where the heart stays awake

Do we know what happens
It may well be soon after
That the coat will be thrown
upon my face

Cut my throat and the peonies
Quick bring my wine, my blood
To please her like in passing
Are doing the oats

I have so little time left
To go at the bottom of myself
And to shout: "God, how I love you
I love you so much, I love you so much".

All poems written by Louis Aragon
Hélène Martin's version (more complete & named The Black Song/La Chanson Noire):

Jacques Bertin - I disembarked

Original Title: "Je débarquais"
I disembarked from a world where desire makes the man²
I had at the bottom of the heart a love rage
So I built for myself castles in the air*
for an infante and a kiss

The heavy myself which lied in my luggage
Settled forcefully inside your house
and I crossed the sea and I crossed the ford
and here is Spain reached

I had thousand kisses from the wild infante
In a waterless desert I planted an orchard
A river is running nowadays under your lips
The water spring and your rose bushes.

I fought well against the icy night
I impregnated the sand where you were laying
I drove my knife in, I searched your wound
And you were bleeding, I was saved

But here we are tonight, silent, face to face
Here I'm in front of you, far from you, tired
How dry our eyes are, our lips without kisses
Lovers we are, parted

So the charm is broken, the fairy becomes woman again
I was wrong then if you touch the fairy
The enchantment is gone, I find the fairy back
Thick alas and separated

I start off again on your road to meet you again
patiently, lengthily, like you weave a basket
Like the rain revives a forgotten garden
Like the rain I'm coming, I love you

*Castles in Spain in french hence the relation with the infant and Spain later on
²Play on words with the expression "L'habit ne fait pas le moine" (The outfit doesn't make the monk/man)

Jean-Baptiste Clément - The time of the cherries

André Dassary's version:
And a more modern take by Noir Désir:

Original Title: "Le temps des cerises"
When we'll sing the time of the cherries
And joyful nightingale and mocking blackbird
Will all be in a festive mood.
Beauties will have folly in the head
and the lovers sun in the heart.
When we'll sing the time of the cherries
Whistle much better the mocking blackbird

But it's so short the time of the cherries
Where we both go pick while dreaming
drop earrings...
Love cherries with vermilion's robes
Falling under the leaf in drops of blood
But it is so short: the time of the cherries,
Coral earrings we pick up while dreaming!

When you'll be at the time of the cherries
if you're scared of love sorrows:
Avoid the beauties!
I who do not fear the cruel sorrows
I'll not live without suffering one day...

When you'll be at the time of the cherries
You too will have love sorrows!
I'll always love the time of the cherries
It's from that time that I keep in my heart
An open wound!

And Lady Fortune, being offered to me
will never be able to ease my pain....
I'll always love the time of the cherries
And the memory I keep in my heart!

Many many versions exists, here are the main ones:
Réda Caire's version:

Yves Montand's version:

Cora Vaucaire's version:

Mouloudji's version

Charles Trenet's version:

Tino Rossi's version:

Jacques Bertin - I am the one who runs

Original Title: "Je suis celui qui court"
I am the one who runs beside you when you glide in the grass
You feel him but do not see him, you flee, you hear him breathe
And the branches of the trees are the ears of the days
when water covers you with kisses
When you come in the earth, damp and hot, your tenderness
I'm the one who come with his hand to dry you
and you lower your head, his shoulder is a basket

I'm the one who knows you when you flee to the end of the world
And you always come back to his home, he doesn't know you're there
And you're behind the cupboard, you see him, you're in the shadow
And he breathes heavily he doesn't know you're there.

Now, do you know if he's here when you're hiding and watch out for him
He went outside and the door to the garden didn't creak
His body is bent over the table, he is sick with papers
He is sick with sun, he is under the south of the worlds

He is like dragging on the ground, the stem of summer broken.
The sap pours and he hears like a huge humming.
He is stained with wine among splinters of knocked over tables.
He is under his body and in the teared up tablecloth.

He is on his knees on the ground with all his fingers crushed.
And the lashes out of the sun made his belly burst.
Mad with pain he scratches, yells and there, run through,
He is like the wind in the marshes that is going to die
And who has blood trickles and who hides and who rocks itself
Who is searching for itself and ignoring itself and breaks up and knows itself.

Oh my love we are of those who can say they know one another
All things that find themselves and ignore themselves and know themselves
And noone would have grip on us, on our love, on anxiety
We are like air and wind, flesh to flesh bound
Who is never really its own body, always before, always maybe,
Both always together and never ever meet
In the water, our youth, smooth, on the surface places
a breath that is our love and we'll never talk.

Dominique A - The Horizon

"We won't go any further" the captain tells you.
Too many obsticles today to reach the horizon
Exhausted whales are moaning on the strand
Their blood covers mouths like as many hooks

Like as many hills blocking out the horizon
of crests insensitive to the plains' adagio
"I'm really sorry" the captain tells you
And you feel he talks true and he has a good heart

Since then, the mouth ruby-red, a woman with a harpoon
Who enters inside your walls and bleeds the whales
makes you for months on disdain the horizon
and when you meet him, look down on the captain.

When you go home, you tell yourself you feel fine
The lie is everywhere infiltrated in your veins
so much you like tasting the blood of the whale
that is brimming over the lips of the woman with an harpoon

But one day on your sleeve pulls the captain
Eyes protruding, he tells you: "let's leave".
It's time to get out of the queens' sleep.
Because noone awaits you as much as the horizon.

It's Lop Nur that is hoping for you, The Inlandsis that is calling for you
The Sierra Nevada that is shouting your name at night
And it's the Big Blue that enhances the sky
Each of them asking for you and offering you the horizon

But that one escapes you, stopped in its momentum
through aggressive tops, deep valleys
stone hearted cities with extravagant shapes
See, the beard is growing on you and your pace is slowing down

And you hear afar the moans of the whales
which before ending on the strand have probably
known this horizon about which only the captain
still hopes for both of you that you cross its path

But one day about the silence raising in the vicinity
As your eyes come unstuck, you know that you have been left out
Alone with your old dream which shadow is a vulture
that under your rags feels the flesh drying up

And as in slow circles, he comes to engage you
the scenery flattens, the curves come apart
Everything frees itself, yes, no doubt weary of waiting for you
it's it coming toward you; it is there: the horizon

Rue Ketanou - Bride of the water

Original Title: "La Fiancée de l'Eau"
Dead from drought, the bride of the water
married her blood to the stream's
Prince, put away your white sheet,
Prince, put away your white sheet,
Prince, put away your white sheet.
Prince, put away your white sheet

It'll never be the reddening flag of her virginity.
Look at her honor,
look at her honor,
look at her honor,
Look at her honor, fleeing away through death
Look, sad thief, absence is inside her body
You can dig earth,
you can dig earth,
you can dig earth

you can dig the earth with all your remorses
Dig, to hell, dig, dig, again
No, you'll have nothing from her
No, you'll have nothing from her
No, you'll have nothing from her

No, you'll have nothing from her
There is nothing more to take
She threw herself to the sky
You begin to understand
that not everything is for sale
that not everything is for sale
that not everything is for sale

Hélène Martin - Louis Aragon - The Fire

Original Title: "Le feu"
Text: Louis Aragon
My God, My God, it doesn't die out
All my forest, I'm here burning
I mistook this fire for dusk
I believed my heart to be at its last step

I was always waiting for the day to become ash
I read getting old where wicker breaks
I watched out for the moment after the blaze
I listened to the song of ashes, going down

I was of the knife, of the age throat cut
I brought my fingers where living bleeds me
Measuring this way the end of my rule
The little I've left and the nothing I have

But as pain ought to end
Sometimes I took my contentment from it
Betting on the shadow and the moment
Where the door opening, tears the dream.

But as much as I want to be done with it,
Look in this body for the alarm and alert
The absence and the night, the abyss and the loss
of which I bear in me the deep denial

There is a wind rising there that is something of a miracle
The approach of you making me spring
I've never had in my life so much
even in your arms, today vertigo

The pain of loving perpetuates the flame
In me the fire deploys its devastations
To nothing served, nor time, nor age
My soul, my soul, where are you taking me?
Where are you taking me?

All poems written by Louis Aragon

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