Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jacques Marchais - Bérimont - Song to name her

Original Title: "Chanson pour la nommer"
Text: Luc Bérimont
Music: Michel Aubert
She is like a well of foliage
Sweet like the flank of the wind
Panicked like a blazing fire
Drifting like a cloud

She is the sweat and the swimming
She is the sand in full noon
A damp tuft of night
Caught between the moon and midnight

She is the beauty and the suitable one
The indolent one, the hay of may
And among her tousled hair
The thin rain on the wild rose

And among her tousland hair
The thin rain on the wild rose
I believe the song has already been sung by Jacques Douai under the title "La servante" but haven't found it yet online.

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