Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Charles Aznavour - To die of loving

Original Title: "Mourir d'aimer"
The walls of my life are smooth
I hang onto them but I slide
Slowly toward my fate
To die of loving

While the world is judging me
I can only see one shelter for me
Any exit being locked up to me
To die of loving

To die of loving
Willingly sinking into the night
Pay love at the cost of your life
Sin against the body but not against the mind

Let's leave the world to its problems
Hateful people to face themselves
With their narrow ideas
To die of loving

As our love can't live
Better it's to close the book of it
And rather than burn it
To die of loving

To leave while lifting your head up
Coming out victorious from a defeat
Reversing all the data
To die of loving

To die of loving
As we can of anything
Abandon everything behind us
To only take away what was us, what was you

You are the spring, I the fall
Your heart is taken away, mine is given
And my road already marked out
To die of loving
To die of loving
To die of loving
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