Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jacques Bertin - Should one be crazy

Original Title: "Faut-il être Fou"
Should one be crazy for having loved the wrinkles of an old Spaniard?
Be crazy for having quivered at the tears of a blind gypsy woman?
Be crazy for having leaped at the fist raised of an old Quixote?
Here, fifteen hundred Moorish sacred hearts and the flag of Charles V
Climb to nail my eyes at the wall of an Andalusian convent

At home there are heavy fountains and after season apples
Fifteen kids yearning for dreams go there to spring songs up
At home of crazy legs girls go along the mornings of thistles
Pray Sint Anne in her chapels in her rose and gorses bouquets
At home every girl is called Anne and they all have white breasts
Heavy thighs and vast hips, I lead my herds there to dream
At home, I have four friends, four poets: Pierre, Jacques, Yves and Joël
Pierre, Jacques, Yves and Joël, oh, let's not have me forgotten
Let's not have forgotten our girls, our mischiefs and our songs

Here, behind an old stone low wall, I wait for death in a sleep
Populated with the milk of white women at the cold of an horizontal marble
THe night, the night on my stone rifle I bite Andalusian horses
I hurt gypsys in their vagina, I kiss red spaniels
And sweet white gazelles, and I burn orange trees

Here, there is a shy kid with tulles of princesses
Who burns my Republicans
Last morning of my youth
Torn with rape and blood
Death is coming, bleak morning
Eighteen nights lead me there
Eighteen dreams to come there
Eighteen dreams to die there

I think to all my years
I think to all my gazelles
My abandonned gazelles
Pierre, Jacques, Yves and Joël
We have forgotten each others well
Here is the Bitch who is coming and I have the eternity for myself
For a song in the ground where love is finally real

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