Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jean Ferrat - Aragon - We will sleep together

Original Title: "Nous dormirons ensemble"
Text: Louis Aragon

Be it sunday or monday
Evening or morning, midnight, midday
In hell or paradise
Loves ressemble to loves
It was yesterday I told you:
"We will sleep together"

It was yesterday and it is tomorrow
You are the only path left for me
I put my heart between your hands
With yours how it beats the amble
All it has of human time
We will sleep together

My love, what has been, will be
The sky is over us like a bedsheet
I closed up my arms on you
And I love you so much that I tremble
As long as you'll want
We will sleep together

another version:

All poems written by Louis Aragon


  1. Google translate unfortunately does a terrible job with poetry.

    1. *smiles* Even though those are literal translations none of them have gone through Google translate. The thing is I try to retain the order of the words and the scansion used in french. I am not fond of free translations which changes words in order to sound better and I am not trying to redo poetry in english but to capture the meaning of the french poem.


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