Friday, June 6, 2014

Jacques Bertin - The drowned

Original Title: "Les noyés"
What have we done? What could we do?
The world went by in front of us
Like going to the sea, the river
What have we done? What could we have done?
- O make me undergo that trial
To the destiny I oppose passion
And my twenty years in the course of things.
Twenty years already, I couldn't do anything.

It's true nevertheless I saw you
In the water up to the knees yet
moving forward against the current
While shouts were coming from the bank
"Take care the sand is shifting
Every faith is a drift"
Thousands of silver fishes
were paying a naïve court to you

The river lies, the river goes
It has its deep moves.
Limp lip to the wind of songs
One thinks bathing in it, one drowns in it
The drowned one thinks, going in the waters,
he is ruling the current, the world
Carry the man and the man learns
to be the wreck of time

The long stay in the water
ate his eyes, made a face,
You are already not as beautiful anymore
You are old. Are we old?
We believed in hope
We were going huge
Like to the beautiful destiny
Where were shining unthought suns

Suns, farewell! We are old
We are alike to our folks
Exhausted, defeated, we are done
What could have we done? What have we done?
Let's remember while going in the waters
with our eaten faces
That we will rule over the world
Lenient as drowned men.

Suns and you my hopes
Thank you for that slow procession
from the furthest of my childhood
That is taking me away toward the ocean
Those who remained on the bank
Dead trees motionless to the wind
Creaking in the eternities
Are they seeing the blue sky of the drowned?

That madness that frees us!

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