Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jacques Bertin - The sails of the boat

Original Title: "Les voiles du bateau"
Text : Bernard Dimey.
Music : Henri Salvador (1981)
The sails of the boat that was going away to the islands
Were of the color of your eyes this morning
The color of spring in the fertile valleys
Province of happiness forever certain
When the boat was leaving, I went on the jetty
And when I was certain that it could not be seen anymore
I was waiting, eyes closed, the end of the day
For the cruel pleasure of feeling lost
of having for a moment fins or wings
of flying over the earth and of defeating the wind
To climb up to the stars and to pick up the most beautiful
Both arms spread out, becoming kite

To become so light that the lighter breeze
takes you beyond all the equators
Then everything is perfect, the Madness are permited
You remake the journey of the migratory birds
While following with the eyes that beautiful tranquil vessel
Alone on the jetty, I was inventing my destiny
But the color of the sky, of the sea or the islands
weren't worth the brightness of your eyes this morning

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