Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nicole Louvier - I imagine that over your birth

Original Title: "J'imagine que sur ta naissance"
I imagine that over your birth
A fairy was watching
When we make acquaintance
Birds were singing
I imagine how much I imagine
When you were waiting for me
The face between your fine hands
Sometimes you cried

The fairy was leading me in a dream
In the gardens where you walked
Tonight it's not a lie
Today you are there, it's true, true

I imagine that I'm lucky
Because the fairy loved me
For bringing me face to face with you
when you were passing

I imagine, how much I imagine
if I were to lose you
How easy it'd be for me
to close my shutters

Through you the sweetness that lives in me
Through you the winds and the forest
I do not dare to believe you exist
And though you are here, it's true, true

I know I will be lucky if you stay here
But I know that I trust
The fairy will keep watching.

All the rest does not matter
If you die one day
It won't be a long absence
Will follow you always.

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