Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Léo Ferré - Verlaine - Hope shines like a wisp of straw in the stable

Original Title: "L'espoir luit comme un brin de paille dans l'étable"
Hope shines like a wisp of straw in the stable
What do you fear of the drunken wasp of its mad flight?
See, the sun always rises in clouds in some hole.
Why didn't you fall asleep, elbow on the table?

Poor pale soul, at least this water from the well frozen
Drink it. Then sleep afterward. There, see, I'm staying,
And I'd would pamper the dreams of your nap
And you would hum like a cradled child

Noon strikes. For goodness' sake, go away madam.
He's asleep. It's surprising how women's steps
Resonates to the pour souls' brain.

Noon strikes. I had (the plants) watered in the bedroom.
Go, sleep! Hope shines like a stone in a cavity.
Ah, when the september's roses will blossom again !

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