Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jacques Bertin - Colline

Colline is a female name but it also means "Hill".
It was just after the very big heat waves that year
when we were looking for a new housing
In the meanwhile we were at a friend's who was beautiful
but we weren't making love and undoubtedly it was due to the weather
or it was that we weren't home and you were surprised at this
But I knew that man is a more fragile engineering
than the complicated devices that can be seen in the silent museums
and that are oscillating without a noise and are mysteriously useful

You just were starting to work again and you were struggling
We were just passing at Colline's place who was beautiful
sometimes we caught her naked and we looked at her
with love in her sleep and all three we liked one another
But we weren't making love and maybe out of shyness
because it'd have started up somewhere one of those turned off device.
Although we were loving each others, things are so simple
and those devices that malfunction for the slightest thing are not complicated

I don't know O I do not know why I write all this
To set up a net accross my life that is taking me away
It was hot in that appartment, we weren't breathing anymore
we were in an elevated interlude of a building in our life
One day, I tell myself, maybe we will finally have an house
I do not understand those people who can settle anywhere
when I look tirelessly with the closed head you know
for the place where I'll find my childhood back

On the head of the island between the two branches
and the years passing I would see them coming
and muddle up with my past, like in the whirlpools of the Loire
the water and then the water lazily will go die in the sands.

Do you believe that one day we will really have a house?
With a good friend and we will be able to have the strength to love each others.
We will love her without fear, remember it it'll be even more beautiful
and more pure than a couple even like both of us.

It'll be like a meadow in the shadowed part of summer, toward the evening
You won't be scared of thunderstorm nor of yourself especially
In the grass those useless devices of the museums would have been arranged
with pendulums, counterweights, copper machineries, bearings

And there would float one of those melodious songs that our parents were singing
O say, do you think we will be able to make this party, remember it.

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