Thursday, April 23, 2015

Marcel Mouloudji - Like a small poppy

Mouloudji Comme un p'tit coquelicot,
Original Title: "Comme un p'tit coquelicot"
Text: Raymond Asso

The forget-me-not and then the rose,
Those are flowers which say something
But to like poppies
And not like anything else...One must be an idiot!

Maybe you are right! The only thing is,
when I will have told you, you will understand!
The first time I saw her,
She was sleeping, half naked
In the light of the summer
In the middle of a wheat field
And under the white blouse
Where her heart was beating
The sun, gently,
was making a flower live
Like a small poppy, my soul! Like a small poppy.

It's strange how your eyes are shining
While you remember the pretty girl!
They shine so strongly that it's a bit too much
To explain...the poppies!

Maybe you are right! The only thing is
When I took her in my arms
She gave me her beautiful smile
And then afterward, without telling each other anything
In the light of summer
We loved each other! We loved each other!
And I have pressed so much
My lips over her heart
That right where I kissed her
There was like a flower
Like a little poppy, my soul!
Like a little poppy.

It's nothing else but an affair
Your little story, and I swear to you
That it does not deserve a single sob
Nor that passion...for the poppies!

Wait the end! And you will understand:
Another one was in love with her who she did not love!
And the next day, when I saw her again
She was sleeping, half naked,
In the light of the summer
In the middle of the wheat field
But, on the white blouse,
Right where her heart is
There was three drops of blood
Which were making like a flower
Like a little poppy, my soul!
A very small poppy

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