Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jacques Brel - The desperates

Original title: "Les désespérés"

Hold each others by the hand
And walk in silence
In those faded cities
which are rocked by drizzle
Only rings their steps
Step by step hummed
They walk in silence
The desperates

They have burnt their wings
They have lost their branches
So shipwrecked
That death looks white
They come back from loves
They woke up
They walk silently
The desperates

And I know their way for having walked it
Already more than a hundred times
A hundred times more than halfway
Less old or more bruised
They are going to end
They walk in silence
The desperates

And below the bridge
Water is sweet and deep
Here is the good hostess
Here is the end of the world
They cry their firstname
Like newlyweds
They melt in silence
The desperates

Let stand up the one
who throws them the stone
He only knows of love
The verb "to love oneself"
On the bridge there is nothing left
But a light mist
They are forgotten in silence
The ones who hoped

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