Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jacques Bertin - Gireaudoux/Jaubert - Tessa's song

Jacques Bertin's version

Original Title: "La Chanson de Tessa"
Date: 1934
Text: Jean Gireaudoux
Music: Maurice Jaubert
Stay here below my faithful heart
If you go away life is my eternal sorrow

If you die, the birds will stay quiet forever
If you are cold, no sun will burn
In the morning the joy of dawn won't wash my eyes anymore
All around your grave, the blossomed rosebushes
Would let their flowers hang and wither
Beauty will die with you, my only love

If I die, the birds will only keep quiet one evening
If I die, for another, one day, you will forget me
Again the joy of living then will wash your gaze
In the morning you will see the mountain lit up
On my grave offering you thousand flowers
Beauty will be revived without me, my only love

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