Monday, September 16, 2013

Jacques Bertin - One day, we die

Original Title: "Un jour, on meurt"
One day, we die of waiting for a day
like the one that dies out
of the long cancer of the obvious facts
in a gaze which lost its colours
where faithfulnesses cook slowly
With flies buzzing
And butter on a stall.

I want to know the fair,
the brass are burning my heart
I want the fantastic feast
which knows the departure and the blood
which knows the death which knows the sorrow
the uncertainty and the mornings
and that one never dies of sorrow

For the shapes and for the shadows
to know every colors
I'll go to the borders of doubt
look for the incredible house
for the pleasure of not knowing
to wash my gaze
with the waves of an unknown wind

At twenty years old you imagine
An amorous truth
Strong and difficult and pretty
But the female is dripping
with a laugh from the breast
with alcohol and garlick
Blood that spurts on the hands

Ten women come and kiss me
Love, frozen and without remorse
The absent body of the unfaithfuls
The cheeky female beauty
The breasts' detonation
They are undressing me and laugh
Lick me and twist my hands

I plunge and I love her and I love her
the lips of pleasure opened
with legs spread
breasts swaying upside down
O my desire O my madness
I run with my belly cut open
I die already gnawed by worms

We do not know very well where madness starts,
where life ends
I have the eyes bleeding, that are laughing
I've looked too much I do not see anything
but that mad woman hugging me
with her heavy damp kiss
Stay at home, do not burn anything!

I know there is nothing to see
The madwoman bursted my eyes
But I have the most beautiful eyes in the world
And all of you are evading my gaze

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