Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jacques Bertin - I have seen her eyes

Original Title: "J'ai vu ses yeux"
I have seen her eyes
A beautiful pond of willow woman
lost in a strange space
the faraway dream of the lands

And her lips of wet bird
so well that with my fingertips
I would have liked to wipe them

Like in the morning: a fountain
Her smile of overjoyed child
Clearer than the infante Isabella
And more lively than a swallow's throw
than the oriflamme of the morning
and the mirror of a siren
and the blond page of spring
and the alauda of the mutineers

Is it allowed to be so blond
that you make the wheat jealous
of bumps and breakings gathered
on the edge of his running path

And I hear them whisper
that God has abandonned them
but I, God, I'm grateful to him
for the beauty he gave me

Vivacious like a hip's thread
if the wind commanded him
Or if the wind commanded it
to the abandonned tenderness
Like a bouquet of shore's grasses
Damp and lukewarm without talking
Damp that makes me damp
Eyes between laughing and crying

And her joy with full white teeth
It's Chartres in the morning revived
Naïve and fierce street urchin
My fierce with the chin
My naïve with her mischiefs
My flower of snow and water
My child clown, my smeared
My freed korrigane
My blond child
My loved so much

I will learn to keep quiet
I will learn to listen
to the wind passing through her lips
And I'll become light
I'll become light

And then milky tokens of tenderness
I will learn to sooth
those worries of scared child
who is afraid of the dark and calls
And I will become shepherd

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