Friday, November 8, 2013

Jacques Bertin - Hands

Original Title: "Des Mains"

Hands to leave to the ocean
like hair or like life
Beautiful hands on the page or the skin
Beautiful hands, hands of nobleness
Hands like are all hands

Hands like night lights
in the shadow being born, coming and going
Hands of linen maids
Hands like watching over, hands of mothers

Hands digging furrows in the shadowless life
Hands blindly following a passion
Hands to build a house like my father
Hands like crowds of hands coming to give me the hand

Hands like crows of hands calling for hope and running water
Hands like herds of hands going along the bank
and welcoming you in your limitless tomorrow

Hands tracing the signs of forgiveness
and then looking for themselves like words of abnegation
Hands like sails to leave very far
Hands like sails to leave far, far away
With children's eyes in the horizon far, far away
Hands for my love far away
Hands to bring love back to reason
And the vagabond home

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