Friday, September 13, 2013

Jacques Bertin - You Talk About Life

Original Title: "Tu parles de la vie"
You talk about life
like one bubbles in a glass

Let's drink quickly
and give the same again please!
You still have the enormous laugh
And the way of the soldier

You know that somewhere
A girl is calling for you
And almost naked already
with sovereign hips
In linen and horses processions
and emblems
You go up the stairs
Everything goes quiet
we hear your steps

But the night, sometimes,
The night when you wake up
It's like in the cinema
Everything would stop
The theater lights up again
And you are scared

The light is of the world's end
And you stood up
With a dreadful laugh
that the audience does not hear
You suffocate, you stick to the window
the arms stretched out sideways
One day and with a sharp knock you break the window
you hang yourself from it

The man who was laughing he knew
Everything is absence
The crowd withdraws and doesn't dare to cry
There are eskimo pie papers in the aisles.

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