Saturday, April 22, 2017

Frehel - Tender song

Original Title: "Chanson tendre"
Text: Francis Carco
At the memory of our twenties
By this fine morning of spring
I wanted to see again all over there
The inn in the middle of the lilacs
We were hearing in the branches
The birds were singing Sunday
And your chaste white dress
Seemed to be guiding my steps

Everything looked at its place
Even your name in the ice
Up to your place where fades
No matter what we do
All trace.
And almost believed I was hearing
You tender voice whisper
“Come closer”

I was moved like in the past
In that inn in the deep of the woods
I had tears in the eyes
And I was finding that wonderful
For the whole day,
In your abandonned bedroom
After so many years
I saw us both again

But nothing was at his place
I remained, head lowered,
To pucker at myself in the mirror
Face to face
Finally I pushed the door
What do I care
It's over.

Yet when the evening came down
I went alone to sit down
On the worm-eaten bench
where you never came back
You looked to me more beautiful
More charming, more cruel
Than any of all those
For whom my heart has beaten

Everything looked at its place
Even your name on your ice
Just at the place where fades
Whatever we do
Every trace.
Then with a poor laughter
I believed I read:
"After all,
We do not care"

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