Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jacques Bertin - God's fool

Original Title: "Le fou de Dieu"
I am not God's fool anymore
High verb and hands in the pockets
I lost track of the good Lord
One morning behind the post office

Life does not have that look of a woman
And her wide open blouse
And her tenderness and her warmth
And all my love is in a bad way

I am now without star
Sensitive to the cold in my coat of pride
Beating the air of a boastful verb
And I mend my ankle socks

Life does not have that chest anymore
The breasts where I was running bare feet
The rump where my twenty years old were rolling
And that belly heavy and tranquil

It does not have that face so delicate
Those eyes of a curly haired princess
With that endless song to the lips
Delicate and sweet and strong and forceful

I have at the bottom of myself a dead God
Who still dreams and smiles
I won't do the pretty heart
Under the windows of life

And yet I still sing
My song of love and pride
Against the reason of the toads
One has to die alive all the same

And here is life which comes back
With its loving gait
With my blood rising inside of me
Like after a very long journey

The eyes, the evening and sweetness
The summer of that hair we fade
The sand with its powerful body
You will make me die of love
La la la.

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