Thursday, May 28, 2015

Barbara - The black sun

Original Title: "Le soleil noir"
To never, ever, talk to you about rain again,
Nevermore about the heavy sky, never of the grey mornings,
I came out of the mists and I ran away,
Under lighter skies, countries of paradise,
Oh, how I would have liked to bring you, tonight,
seas in fury, barbarian musics,
Happy songs, laughs which are sounding weird
And would make to you the sound of an happy hullabaloo,
White seashells and salty pebbles
which are rolling under the waves, brought back a thousand times,
Radiant suns*, bursted suns,
Which fire would burn eternal summers

But I have tried everything
I pretended to believe,
And I come back from far,
And the sun is black
But I have tried everything
And you can believe me,
I come back tired,
And it's the despair,

Light-hearted, so light-hearted, I was going around dressed short,
I was happy with the first to come
And it was the rest, the time of the nonchalance,
Kissing eagerly, and I was entering the dance,
I learned bando over guitar's tunes,
I shivered from the back, I forgot Mozart,
Finally, I would be able to come back to you,
With the eye made languid, vague with memories,
And I was the hurricane and the rage of living
And I was the torrent and the strength of living,
I have loved, I have burned, caught up my delay
How life was beautiful and crazy my story.

But the earth opened
Over there, somewhere,
But the earth opened,
And the sun is black,
Some men are walled up,
Over there, somewhere,
Some men are walled up,
And it's the despair,

I averted the fate, I have looked for oblivion,
I refused death, I rejected boredom
And I clenched the fists ordering me to believe,
That life was beautiful, fascinating chance
Which lead me here, elsewhere or somewhere else,
Where the flower was red, where the sand was blond,
Where the noise of the sea was a song,
Yes, the noise of the sea was a song,

But a child is dead,
Over there, somewhere,
But a child is dead,
And the sun is black,
I hear the knell which sounds,
Over there, somewhere,
I hear the knell sounding,
And it's the despair,

I do not bring anything back, I am torn,
I come back to you, tonight, heart scratched,
Because, to look at them, to hear them live,
With them, I hurt, with them I was drunk,
I do not bring anything back, I come back lonely,
From the end of that journey beyond the borders,
Is there one corner of earth where nothing is being torn,
And what has to be done, can you tell me,
If one has to go further to erase your tears,
And if I could, alone, make the weapons go silent,
I swear that, tomorrow, I go back on the adventure,
So that ends, forever, all those tears,

I don't mind trying,
And I don't mind believing in it,
But I am tired,
And the sun is black,
Sorry to tell you that,
But I come back, tonight,
The heart scratched,
And it's the despair,
The heart scratched,
And it's the despair,
The despair...

*"radiant reds" in version below in which Barbara also says "My sun is black" as well as "And I am despaired"

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