Monday, January 26, 2015

Jean Ferrat - Love is cherry

Jean Ferrat - L'Amour est Cerise par ViveFerrat
Original Title: "L'amour est cerise"
Rebellious and submissive
Eyelids lowered
Take off your shirt
Beautiful bride
Love is cherry
And time in a hurry
We will go dance
Another time

As far as it seems to us
Reasonable and crazy
We will go together
Beyond everything
Lend me your mouth
For me to love you a little
Open me your bed
For the love of God

Let me without fear
Come on my knees
To taste your absinth
Drink your sweet wine
Oh laughs and moans
Oh insane words
The crazy lament
Quickly soared

Let's defy the world
And its bans
Your pleasure floods
My delighted mouth
Virtue or permit
By god, I don't care
I lose my semen
In your red sex

Oh moon Pierrot
Oh mounts and marvels
Here is my quill
that is falling asleep
And like a she-wolf
With children sensitive to cold
The night covers us up
With its blue coat

Rebellious and submissive
Weary eyelids
Put your shirt back
Beautiful bride
Love is cherry
And the time passed
We will go dance
Another time

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