Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jacques Brel - The F...

Original Title: "Les F..."

The Flemish nationalists! comical song

Misters the Flemish nationalists
I have two words to laugh at you.
There is too long
that you are making me fry
Blowing up your own ass
To become busses.
Here you are acrobats
But really nothing more.

Nazis during the wars
Catholics in between.
You oscillate endlessly
From the rifle to the missal.
Your humor is on its knees
Even though there are streets in Ghent
That piss in both languages.
You see when I think about you
I like that nothing gets lost
Mister the Flemish Nationalists:
Fuck you.

You make Flanders dirty
But Flanders is judging you
See the North Sea
She ran away from Bruges.
Stop getting on
my old balls
With your Italo-spanish-flemish art
You are so so
much heavy
so that during evening of storms
Educated chineses
Ask me where I am from.
I answer, tired
and tears to the teeth
"Ik ben van Luxembourg"*

And if to young ladies
you dare a flemish song
They fly away while dreaming
to the rose and white birds.

And I forbid you
To hope that ever in London
Under the rain one could
believe you are english.
And I forbid you
In New York or Milano
To eructate my lords
in any other way than in flemish.
You won't look dumb
Really not dumb at all.

And I forbid myself
To say that I don't care.
And I forbid you
To force our children
Who never bothered you
To bark in flemish.
And if my brothers remain silent
Too bad for them girls.
I sing, persist and sign:
My name is Jacques Brel
* "I am from Luxembourg" in flemish

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