Saturday, December 28, 2013

Léo Ferré - It Fits You

Original Title: "ça t'va"

You never go to the collections
You prefer to put your money flat in front of you
To buy yourself a beautiful house
Wrapped by Dior's of gothic
But as one can not go ass all bare
And then me I'd not want to
You dress yourself at a couturier of your own devising
that has affordable harnesses

It fits you
This hundred francs dress
Your messed up hair
That nothing that dresses you up

It fits you
Your pointy shoes
Even if they are knackered
It flatters your legs

It fits you
This lizard handbag
That gets a tan
Under its plastic looks

It fits you
That unprentious way
You have taken my name
To live of music

You never go at Rubinstein
That has sweet little face in tablet
Who for a long time will stage
The mug of the ladies for parade
And when you go out to the stuck-ups
And I ask you if you are ready
You say with your anarchist look:
"Me I have the sun on the facade"

It fits you
That ten francs mug
Despite what would say
The stupid photographs

It fits you
That back that goes down
Under the indecent eye
of the guys that are watching out for you

It fits you
Your wet windows
When they have watched
The joy that unwinds

It fits you
Your hands all like that
by that I do not know what
that makes the mother hens

You never go to the collections
You prefer to sew a little happiness
In our square and make your hole
Far from the nerds and their system
You are there until the end of times
Writing me the problem page
You let go of me just for me to have enough time
to make a song and tell you that I love you

It's fine by me
Your golden prison
Your adored mouth
by way of lock

It's fine by me
Your simmered dishes
so well that it feels like
eating some lust

It's fine by me
Your blessed look
that have the lovers
who remain faithful

It's fine by me
That one could say one day
"As for love
he only loved her"

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