Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jacques Bertin - The sad woman

Original Title: "La femme triste"
Give me a sad woman
Rich of her disapointed loves
The house on the side of the track
The good hostess, the raw milk

Who goes back up loaded with apples
From a garden already in winter
who doesn't laughs much, who likes men
And remembers that she suffered

Give me a slow woman
Give me true silences
Give me never lieing
The true trust, the "I loved"

Clock noise hauling in the shadow
What we learn to live with !
Faithful barge that does not sink
Never your beautiful inclination so long!

Then mint leaf, old furnitures
True confidences, true cafés
Beautiful and heavy like an old piece of furniture
Give yourself suddenly completely

My hand protects this lamp
Give yourself slowly and I will believe in it
There is frost on your temples
In your eyes rises a tide

Everything lies, you know from going too fast
O the sighs never soared!
I absolve your sadness, I hesitate
Give me this veiled voice

Of the wrong that has been done to you formerly
You will talk to me, your lovers
or you will be quiet, then the war
You will talk. Everything that lies

The cannonades in the plain
The handsome boys, the brass bands
behind the curtain of sorrows
O miracle of abandonements

The coat in the water, the widowhood
Throw your age in this bal
Make a vine shoot of your hurt
To burn take your torments

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