Friday, October 25, 2013

Jacques Bertin - A moment

Original Title: "Un instant"
A moment like fallen from the pocket, a cigarette
A moment or a blade of grass pulled up from the water
A caesura in the running, in the breath
A measurement for nothing just before the sob
A wound cutting in two the ear of the plain
to throw there a river like a water trickle
If you talk it does not matter
Talk of the body's presence and of rest

In the shoulder, a moment motionless
In the shoulder of the earth
Stopped between the two pages of the book
A moment

A gaze on life gathered the whole life
On a floor the piano under a little girl's fingers
The silence on the roofs. The music
And just below certainties, that moment
Just below words, promisses, habits
To recognise ourselves stranger to ourselves and strong, a moment

A moment, on the bridge
Or it's me arched between the banks
And from everywhere the call swelling, the uncertain call
The noise, the noise of the street, of building sites, the noise of the blood
In the arteries the noise, always the same noise
of tiredness and of fear, the noise of blood

Life or something as usual
that doesn't dare to say its name
Maybe the friendship for men
A stolen fruit on a stal and nothing more
A moment in that bedroom where a woman
is undressing slowly in the protected silence of her curtains.

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