Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jacques Bertin - A Journey

Original Title: "Un Voyage"
I found the old crack back in the hull
Dampness oozing out like the eternal poison
I cried, seated, the head against the compartment
On the other side the engine was beating his deep song
The one who comes from childhood and whose low frequencies are always right

Where are you going to drop your bag
make a bed with your tears

There was hanging in that place a smell of asphalt and urine
Carved accross the wound a name could be distinguished
An illusion or a message or a trademark.
The world was passing against the portholes, slowly like a world
The pretentious facades were crumbling in the blind spots.
We were seeing faces of women, frozen and thoughtful
Marking the mist like immature winter suns.

I do not know why I'm fighting
The ship is taking me into dawn
Toward the high sea of course like every morning
I find myself making my nasty traffic in an indistinct port
You have to pay in cash in strong currency and with a smile

I do not know why I'm fighting
I cried in the scorching heat
The world is beautiful
Women give themselves seeming to forget themselves
Our victories are in front of us
That are holding out their hands to us

Where are you going to drop your bag
make a bed with your tears

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