Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jacques Bertin - The Big Departures

Original Title: "Les Grands Départs"

Who will know where I have been
I will go away on a road
fortuitously without anyone suspecting
Did I even know myself where I was going?

Phone along the wires
Tired heart, fragile engine
Deserted hamlet and destiny
Derisory, futile decor

Someone calls, it is noon
But with a voice that barely dares
Everything is asleep, looks like everything is said
And your uncertain tenderness
parts an ancient wound

Friends, Oh you are abandoning me
Save me, odd is my sorrow
Life flows through the wound

I'll go away in the silence
In my regained silence
At the top of the meadows, in my silence
And in the grass where I'd have passed
The friendship of inert things
Will wrap around me to ruin me
Two minutes of damned waves
And in the blond to become motionless
I will die.

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