Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jacques Bertin - Time went by like a charm

Original Title: "Le temps a passé comme un charme"

Time went by like a charm
The neighbor prays for her children.
She prays for you as well, she has no tenderness for your science.
The street remained motionless under the flowers
Since that day of may...fifteen years ago.
A white car threaded it's way between the gardens
All the women stood up in their kitchen
"Madam, we bring back your dying husband"
It was midday, the frying pan remained on the fire
The ambulance, it's the daughter of the sun.
My mother runs, runs to the neighbor's.
The painter comes out on his steps,
the dogs are brought in a low voice.
That day you are going to school without eating:
an apple and a prayer.
Our neighbor is dead and I am late.
The aunts came from Anjou to take care of the house
Today I have dead people well at their place in my landscape.
The words are following close behind me like hail
I'll make a cloister for the remembrance of my folks
I'll doze off in my memory, because of the neighbors' friendship.

Oh talk to me about your childhood to the tears
Huddle up against me, huddle up tightly

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