Friday, October 9, 2015

Jacques Bertin - The picked up high

Original Title: "La draguée haute"
Play on words on "hold out on somebody" which in french is said "holding the sugar-coated pill high" here it's replaced by a girl being picked up and resisting.

That house lost in the plain without trees
A car stipped down in the courtyard next to the well
made of tires hidden there. Like Paul and Virginie
Both of us with crazy love, it's like that, but of course!

I offer you this palace if you tell me "I love you"
And if you don't tell me, okay, I don't offer you
Most of all pretend to be the one: who is that guy with his air,
I am not interested. Comon, focus

On your knees pull your skirt down and make them
A low profile. Your eyes through the window, tell them
That they run away with the nests of the possible loves which
Are going away to the obsessing rythm of the cruel bogies

Oh pretty traveller that my courting irritates
We are alone in the carriage, it's destiny
I like your early fruits complexion and your haughty contempt
And then look at me, please, when I plead

Why do you refuse to believe in love at first sight
Under the pretext that we don't even know each other
Imagine that you see the Virgin of Lourdes
You would believe if it was her! Well: It's me!

Impassive but true, I love you in my beard
If I told you, you wouldn't believe me
And that's why I keep quiet since Tarbes
I laugh alone and you plunge lower

You look in your bag for one or another bullshit
To cool the furnace lit under your wall
A good photo romance "Luxury and fiery nights"
Phew! I finally see your hard-boiled eye bearnaise melt*

That mouth there must shout some very rare shouts
And lick like does the sea the beach. And those eyes
They are the fire of the wreckers or well the lighthouses
Of which are the bumpers, your terrific breasts

Well, you wouldn't think of it but here we are in Paname³
Farewell Madam, one does not get bored with you
Don Juan resumes his journey while looking for his Don Juanne
She moves away her dignified look Donia Gnagna

She charges at home and there, quivering with ease
"I met an handsome dude, but for goodness' sake handsome dude!"
Just between Cythera of the Bodies and the Aubraises
We loved each other at least six or eight times

Then the wrath of the good god falling over her
Changes her into a mare to be covered or salt statue
Avenging me, me, the tongue hanging out, my defects
That statue you see her in front of the stations

Proclaiming to the pigeons "The woman is eternal"
I am collector of jackets² in the eye of the beauties
I put my hands in the pockets, nothing in the hands
With scenarios of girls "not smart"
* another play on words "oeuf dur" (hard-boiled egg) with "oeil dur" (hard-boiled eye)
² Used to be beaten hollow
³ Paris

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