Friday, January 23, 2015

Jacques Bertin - Spin

Original Title: "File"
Spin, spin with your febrile fingers
Spin your heart all entangled
You will make a skein out of it
an overall ball
Then you'd make a jumper out of it
To keep you warm in winter

So goes the wild children
Fearing tomorrow to get cold
They knit mischiefs for themselves
To protect themselves from the sun
They cover themselves with unreality
To protect themselves from the sun

The famous jumper can wait
Here is not the main thing
It's in the summer that resembles us
Whatever we said, whatever we did
Oh, remember of the essential
Of your naked skin under the sun

I leave you with your distaff
Your needles against the summer
I have run too much stitch after stich
I wanted to undress you
Or dress myself alike to you
I had forgotten the essential

I am not in a hurry my beauty
I smoke the pipe and the time
I wait for you to undress
And to give me your clothes
I will unpick them
When I will have time at Chirstmas
Stripping you naked under the essential
I will give you the sun

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