Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jacques Bertin - That's it, it's this night

Original Title: "Voilà, c'est cette nuit"
That's it. It's this night, you have been run over by a car
Goblin plaza you are losing your blood in front of four or five night owls
You notice that the agents are slow and that you are not afraid

Today, tuesday, your mom is ironing the linen
She has no news from you
You wouldn't have written much while saying a few not very clever verses
Aside in insolence and friendship you didn't have that many talents
You lived, you attended to the most urgent things first, you have lost your time

I have lost my time and my life attempting to be free
I have lived happily fighting between the silence and the difficult words
The ambulance I recognize it, it ressembles to my childhood bed
My older brother is next to me, he is playing harmonica to me
I am going to die at the hour I like, at the hour when I liked to live
The night I was watching over you my friends known and unknown
I penetrated between your closed eyelids in the warmth of the small boats
Or in your dreams which are to all the same and talk of justice

It's a nice hour to die and it's a nice place
Dawn is coming like a woman's belly in its folly of leaves
I spent my life getting ready for that moment
Younger brother of all the free men

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