Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jean Ferrat - Pierre Louki - Would there be?

Original Title: "Y aurait-il"
Text: Pierre Louki

Would there be dense suns
of twelve months
Winter, Summer leading the dance
Siamese brothers?
Would there be seasons even out of season?
If you weren't yourself, you whom I love
in my house?

Would there be tender mornings
to wake up to
Mornings that we make wait
on the pillow
With agitations of baptism
Theme of agitation
If you weren't yourself, you whom I love
in my home?

Would there be fruits to the branches
of our desserts
And bursts of laughter to the hips
of our concerts?
Would I have tastes of poems
at your knees
If you weren't yourself, you whom I love
In our home

Would there be words without continuation
Without continuation finally
With so much happiness afterwards
endless sequel
So much, yes, so much happiness that even
Our bodies join together
If we weren't you, me who love one another
Both in ourselves?

All songs sung by Jean Ferrat.

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