Friday, October 17, 2014

Jacques Bertin - To sing

Original Title: "Chanter"
To sing just for the pleasure
To put the color to the world
To sing to calm the silence
Wanting to only be the color
It's sunday, the streets are empty
I am not from nowhere nomore
Farewell my grey and white city
Below my loves
And my friends where are you?
What have you done of your generosities
In the spring our opened city
Twelve abreast right in the sun

All my friends vanished
Poverty of the slightly dirty saints is giving me the eye
And my loves still have that knot in the throat
And the good lord who has the leper
And who makes fun of us all
To sing to forget about the fear
And to live glued to our own body
With a big voluptuous laugh
And then to learn the sweetness
Becoming the children's friend

To sing, to not be the pain anymore
Only be its moaning
Be the foam against the water
Be the frost against the winter
And the horse's mane
Be the breath of the horses
And not the running in the winter

Oh my soul, Oh my elder sister
Teach me the tranquil song
The words are only their color
The words are only their music
To sing to forget about the fear
As if it was already the hour
And in the evening peacefulness and singing
With the sky laying in the air
And my child who plays outside
And the good lord who plays marbles with a crystal laugh

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