Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monique Morelli - Villon - Ballad to pray Our Lady

Original Title: "Ballade pour prier Notre Dame"
Text: François Villon (written for his mother)
Lady of the sky, landed regent,
Empress of the infernal swamps
Receive me, your humble Christian,
Let me be contained among your chosen
Even though I had never any worth
The goods from you, my Lady and my Mistress
Are way bigger than I am sinner
Without those goods soul can not be rewarded
with the heavens. I am not talkative about it:
In this faith I want to live and die.

To your Son say that I am his;
From him let my sin be abolished
Forgive me like you did to the Egyptian
Or like he did to the cleric Theophilus,
who by you was quits and absolved
No matter how many promised he had made to the devil
Preserve me to ever do that
Virgin carrying, without incurring rupture of
The sacrament that is celebrated during the mass:
In this faith I want to live and die.

Woman, I am poor and ancient,
Who nothing knows; never letters have read.
See at the monastery, of which I am parishioner
Painted paradise, where are harps and lutes,
And one hell where damned are boiled
One scares me, the other joy and jubilation
To have the joy makes me, high Goddess,
To whom sinners must all appeal to,
Filled with faith, without feint nor laziness:
In this faith I want to live and die.

You carried, worthy Virgin, princess,
Jesus ruling who has no end nor rest.
The All-Mighty, taking our weakness,
left the heavens and cam to rescue us,
Offered to death his dear youth;
Our Lord is such, I confess it so:
In this faith I want to live and die.

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