Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jacques Bertin - The Chilean Embassy

Original Title: "L'ambassade du Chili"

The embassy. It is a mouth closed henceforth for a long time
French gendarmes have been placed there to insure the respect of the laws of hospitality
Always the same ones to make the heart of people move on.
It'll be slightly harder to live with
the memory of that crime at the corner of the street
and all that blood
There has been a crime, a nation has been killed, passer-bys are moved along.
I move on then, life pushes me without consideration
I go to get myself built with the mortar of distances, renunciations
A house where I place everyone at one's place, my child
my friends and hundred thousand generations of poor people.
On the roof I'll plant that small shrub made of big words
Dignity or Justice - All this is a bit theatrical
Careful designer, I build a house for ten thousand years
Ten thousand yeards of struggle against ten thousand years of lies
I am patient, I fight sometimes back to the wall with the crazy happiness that I protect under my jacket
Like a message or a bomb destined for some illegal workers
Because of that happiness, I say that I am invincible
Because of the thread that in the centuries tightens, I never weaken
Because of that happiness, I am everywhere at home and I am never
unreasonable. All those I despise are naked. I weight them up, I stare at them
Fear the gaze that writes your real name on your faces
Like a biting slap or like a gash, the insolence
is at youth of the world, the passion
I am everywhere in my home.

I do not forget anything, ever.
I never weaken
I write, I write on papers for the saboteurs
Run in the night along the railways, I write about happiness
And about joy. I write for Chili, for the time that goes
that gives its strength only to those who have a world to win
I write because of the fire in my head and of death that has to be denied.
I write because of so much love and so much pain

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