Friday, March 28, 2014

Jacques Bertin - A big lilac shawl

Original Title: "Un grand châle lilas"
Firstly a big lilac shawl
coming from the back of my attic
for your frozen shoulders
And then a big acorn necklace
gathered along the paths
After the end of their season
After the end of our paths

And then a big wooden comb
At the time when the wind comes back to you
Your locks are crippled
A single ring at your hand
for which I'd have plunged
at the bottom of the well of an old convent
and you'll give me your hand

And old understanding horse
A stable of my outline
And in front of me you climbed
A path forgotten by men
A way along the orchards
A slightly wrinkled pippin
to bite along the paths

A small boat on a canal
A child along the towpath
In an old-fashionned blouse
And then the straw of gross of the pond
And then the reflections of the pond
At the time when the cold is coming back in
And when we are going to swim

We'll go through the cold
of a past season
Where everything will be rebirth
dressed in old clothes
of old moments of a past
Like the fire is revived from the embers
Like the frostdrop flower

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