Friday, January 24, 2014

La Tordue - I.N.R.I.

La Tordue - I.N.R.I. par chansonfrancaisetv

't is because of you all that
't is because of you
All those who go to you
don't come back

Talkin' about you dude
Talkin' about you
Don't duck out like that
Don't duck out

Here there are no false start
No false start
Three days later and is coming back
and is coming back

We only die once, our lot
We only die once
No great act pal
No great act

We are just falling asleep
We say nothing no more
It's those around
who are sad

We are asleep stupidly
In a stone bed
No relations oh no
At mister Peter's

We go down without service
toward those who already
We are not all sons
to your dad

Stay on your cross I'm telling you
Stay on your cross
The holy spirit here
It won't work

What is better in the other world
I ask you just like that
And even would we go up
Better live well down here

If by ill luck
I arrive at your place
If by ill luck
If by mistake
I find myself in the blue
By mistake if
Then I beg you
Damn good lord
is not an habit
If by mistake
I take the wrong digs
If by ill luck
I end up at your place
Then I beg you
One last time

Send me to hell

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