Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jacques Bertin - I shall meet you in a reversed dream

Original Title: "Je te rencontrerai dans un rêve inversé"

I'll meet you in a reversed dream
compared to the motion of the rains and tides
Maybe we'll love each other, we have no clue
What's the point to assume that everything is distorted
Nothing ever goes well.

I'll see you, you'll be laid on the road, far to the front
In the song of the wipers never completely in rythm, and you in front
placed high over the zip skirt that splits on the front
Forest parted on each side
And you up there, in front

It's at that time that you come back from your secret lives
Where have you been germinating?
If you hear me, get down from your air mattress
There are no houses at the end of the road
There is the road there in front

Flats we occupy, we desert
Corridors like loves
And the road, there in front

I'll meet you in our life that is always reversed
like a dream
Maybe we'll love each other, we have no clue
You'll get in the car with your sad look and your sex
Your white skin and everything that is needed for the harm
And rain will cover us.

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